The Singles Club

The Singles Club Program prepares you for the dating scene – whether you are recently back in the single market, or just need a little extra guidance. The Singles Club is not a database of currently eligible people, but a program designed to cover areas such as appropriate manners, presentation, communication and how to start a conversation, the fine art of flirting, griving and receiving compliments, phone and email etqiuette, online dating, how to write your profile, safe dating, how to give a stunning first impression and much more.
Each program is tailored to individual needs. Not only will you learn from a huge collection of useful techniques and practical information. But we also assess your interactions in a real life environment, and include role playing so you can fine tune your skills and build confidence Are you unhappy? Afraid of failure? Scared of change? In a relationship that’s going nowhere? Do you feel lost, unloved, unattractive? Do you live in the past? Going nowhere? No confidence? Low self-esteem? Do you want to talk about it? Call Celastina. (Make the first step?)
The Singles Club will give you that needed polish and flair to maximuse opportunities and make sure you don't stay single for long!
Available for men or women.
DATING ETIQUETTE & COACHING Appropriate manners, presentation, style, communication, first impression EVERY MONDAY 

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