Mission Statement

Our clients are central to the life of the practice, which actively encourages the client to strive to achieve personal excellence through challenging and comprehensive coaching skills.

Our success is in our never-ending commitment to maximizing success.

Vision Statement

We aim to actively promote all the relevant aspects of the life coaching tradition and assists in its integration into everyday life by setting the highest standards in endeavoring to understand, accept and value all people, regardless of culture, race, sexuality, religions, beliefs, language, lifestyle, age, ability or gender.

Confidential Policy

We are strongly committed and strictly comply with all the relevant policies, regulations and procedures of the Privacy Act.

We will take all reasonable steps of protecting the privacy of our clients and the confidentially of personal information at all times from misuse, loss and or unauthorized access.

We do not, under any circumstances release or disclose any personal information without the clients consent or relevant court orders and or legal subpoenas.
We do not, under any circumstances release or disclose any personal information to third parties.

Ethical Conduct Policy

The business prides itself on the ethical standards it upholds with accordance with the International Coaching Federation requirements

Code of Conduct

The right to be valued and respected

The right to learn and experience growth without prejudice or discrimination

The right to feel safe and receive our utmost professionalism approach and services
The right to make your own decisions
The right to reject our guidance or suggestions
The right to raise any concerns that you might have
The right to withdraw anytime if you wish to do so. Conditions Apply
To provide a safe and pleasant environment
Ensure all policies and procedures will be followed by management and / or staff
Maintaining confidentiality at all times
Avoid any dual relationships
Instigate referrals when and if necessary without promise of commission
Honouring the coaching profession at all times

Our Code of Conduct makes a commitment to provide a service, which is of the highest professional and ethical standards.

As a member of the International Coaching Federation,we follow strict protocols according to the profession of coaching to ensure that you get the most out of your coaching session