Personal Image Consultancy

Self-Image Coaching

Activate your attraction and enjoy a new and improved image to help you better your chances in the workforce and socially.
An image consultant is your partner in success – a specialist in visual appearance working with invidual clients guiding them to present a uniquely personal or completely professional style while also assisting them to attain authenticity, self-confidence and credibility.

Personalized fashion styling
In-store shopping trip assistance
On site wardrobe audit at your home
Identify and develop your own personal style
Private one-on-one tuition half or full day consultation Comprehensive training day on both theory and practical, personalized to your needs
A comprehensive Training Day Both Theory And Practical Personalized To Your Needs
Styling & Makeovers / Hair / Make-Up / Attire Packages Available On Request

How to build your confidence and a better self image in 4 weeks. Two-hour weekly sessions of LIFE - HEALTH - WELLNESS COACHING & DEPORTMENT