Want To Have Confident Children With Better Manners?

Magic Manners - For Children Aged 5 - 12

Every Wednesday 4.00pm- 5.00pm Cost $245.00
Skills For Life.
Remember: Polite & well-mannered Children can make their parents look good too!!
Tailored and highly recommended to primary school aged children
With magic manners, children will learn how to:

Make a positive first impression
Build confidence
Appropriate Greetings
Overcome Shyness
Unacceptable Social Behavior
Learn about cultural differences
The importance of apology, courtesy, kindness, respect and acceptance of mistakes
Presentation and Grooming – Hair, Skin, Teeth and Nail Care For Your Age
Body Language
Personal Hygiene
Confidence Building
Assertiveness Training
Being a Guest Protocol
Proper Posture
Healthy Eating
Manners For All Occasions – Social, Table, Classroom, Restaurant, in Public
Walking With Refinement

$599 / 12 weeks
First sibling or friend 30% off / Second And More Siblings Or Friends 50% Off 

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