Life Coaching

Ready For A Change?

Life coaching will help you to find solutions to everyday problems, stressful situations and personal obstacles by turning the hurtful situations into a positive learning journey.  
ldiko Burgin is a fully qualified Life-Coach, Deportment Specialist & Personal Image Consultant This business is all about transformation. A make over inside and out.   

It's All About You

Deportment will polish and refine you with elegant grace and confidence, while Image Consultancy will assist you to find the style which will  present & represent you successfully.  The desired result is a complete transformation where you gain confidence & self-esteem, discover your strength & weaknesses, learn the art of conversation and the importance of presentation & grooming.

Take The First Step

Visit Celastina and you will find a calm, safe & nurturing environment. If you feel more comfortable to be within your own comfort zone, I am more than happy to visit you. Remember: Nothing happens unless you make it happen, so even the smallest change can result in a significant one. Take the first step & make that call. Booking Is Essential / Single Coaching / Deportment Sessions Short & Long Term & Packages Group Bookings Are Available. Individually Tailored To You.

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Your Partner In Success

 Life is much better when you see yourself as the survivor and not a victim,when you have more balance, joy, intimacy, energy, better finances, focus and direction in every area of your life.
How often do you will unloved, unattractive, overwhelmed, afraid of failure, scared of change, see no way out of a situation, depressed, have low self-esteem or live in the past and have no confidence to move on?
How often do all these lead to you making the wrong decision and let a wonderful opportunity pass by that later on fills you with regret or guilt because you have realized you have made a mistake and cannot turn the clock back?
We all have wonderful qualities and something to offer and quite often we have it all in us but lack the self-esteem or confidence to make the first step. Effective and successful coaching helps you to find guidance and solutions to everyday problems, stressful situations, builds confidence when you feel lost to resolve issues.

Learn to set goals and overcome personal obstacles which will bring a positive change in your life