A Personal Makeover Inside And Out

Not Another Useless Diet

Can’t lose weight? Want to look good again? Are you feeling embarrassed and unattractive?
Dreading of going to the gym because of the way you look? Tried everything? How about health and wellness coaching? 

Change Your Lifestyle Forever

Comprehensive One-On-One Training Weight Loss, Fitness and Nutrition -- That One Piece That's Been Missing Every Other Time

It's Not Another Useless Diet
For When Nothing Else Seems To Work
Fantastic Success Rate
Learn Heaps While Having Fun And Getting Fit
Health And Wellness Coaching Suits Anymore
Highly Recommended For Teenagers, Young Mums or Couples Who Are Ready To Make The Change
Understand How Does Your Body Work?
Why Won't Eating Fat Make You Fat?
Understand Where Diets Go Wrong
Personal Assets And Limitations
Life-Style Influences
Stress and Weight issues
Stress On Your Wellbeing
Active Living
Making A Change
Solution-Focused Approach, Goal Setting
Maintaining The Change
Motivation And Mentoring
Exercise and Fitness Programs
Food Choices
Find Out Where Did You Go Wrong and How To Correct It?
Emotional Eating / Body Image / Low Self-Esteem
Learn To Shop Smart (On-Site Supermarket Fun)
Put You Back In Shape and Change Your Life-Style Forever!

You will learn all this and more with individually tailored programs and one on one training / coaching
***I will take the course to you*** 

Speedtrack Courses Available

For when you really must get back into shape for that upcoming wedding, special party or important date.
6 days per week for a month. 

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