Deportment Classes

Dress For Success


Our overall image, manner and level of confidence in which we present and represent ourselves is becoming more and more important in our modern world. 

Often it is not your education or profession but your personality and style that win people over.  

With Celastina's Deportment Classes, you will learn:
Job, Social, Table, Dating and Business Etiquette
Appropriate Greetings
Personal Presentation
Successful Communication
Making A Positive First Impression
Wardrobe Expression / Colours in harmony

Walking and Talking with Refinement
Posture Awareness
Body Language : The Tells and Signs
How To Develop Your Own Style
and Dress for Success: Hair, Makeup and Colour Guidance 

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The outer image you present impacts how others perceive you. Deportment Coaching will polish your skills to carry them out in a respective manner with dignity and integrity.  

Short & long term individually tailored packages available. Booking is essential - group bookings welcome. 

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