Celastina is all about transformation, a true makeover inside and out.

Life coaching will help you to find solutions to everyday problems, stressful situations and personal obstacles. It is a wonderful and positive learning journey.

Deportment will polish and refine you with elegant grace and confidence, while Image Consultancy will help you to find the style which will present you the best.

What Can Celastina Offer You?

Life Coaching


Life is so much better when you see yourself as a survivor and not as a victim

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Etiquette Coaching


Learn to impress with the proper manners at every occasion with confidence

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New Mum Coaching


Learn what to expect and learn how to adapt to life's most rewarding challenge

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Health and Wellness


Diets don't work, but the right attitude and a change of lifestyle does

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Magic Manners


Specially designed for children, good manners can take you anywhere in life

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Personal Image Consultancy


When you feel great, everything seems to work better around you

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Relationship Coaching

Life After Him


Learn to move on and be the confident, successful woman you have always wanted to be

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The Dating Coach


Whether just getting over a relationship or struggling to find new love

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