A personal Makeover Inside and Out


Manners - Style - Ettiquette - Success

Effective and successful coaching helps you to find guidance and build confidence when you feel lost to resolve issues.

With Celastina, you will learn how to set goals and overcome personal obstacles to bring about a positive change in your life.

Celastina offers health and wellness coaching which involves stress related issues, nutrition, weightless and fitness. We all have wonderful qualities and something to offer. Quite often we have it all in us but lack the self-esteem or confidence to make the first step.

Get The Much Needed Strength, Motivation and Courage To Make It Happen!

What Can Celastina Offer You?

Life Coaching

Life is so much better when you see yourself as a survivor and not as a victim.

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Corporate Training

A first impression is a lasting impression. What does your style say about you?   

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Deportment Classes

Individually tailored programs for young ladies, mature women, men and job seekers.

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New Mum Coaching

Don't Bother Thinking If Something Will Go Wrong, It Will. Learn What To Expect And How To Best Go About Life's Most Rewarding Challenge.

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Health and Wellness

When Diets Don't Work.
Look Good, Feel Good, Be Happy. Build Your Confidence And Self Esteem.

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Magic Manners

Good Manners Can Take You Anywhere In Life. Teaching Children The Importance of Etiquette Before Its Too Late.

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Relationship Coaching

Life After Him

Learn To Move On And Be The Confident, Successful Woman You've Always Wanted To Be.

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The Singles Club

Whether Just Getting Over A Relationship Or Struggling To Find New Love

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Personal Image Consultancy

When You Feel Great, Everything Seems To Work Slightly Better Around You

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